About Us

Net Retail Web Design

We are an Ulverston-based Web development team with over a decade's experience in developing well structured, and therefore easy to maintain, professional Web solutions. Our projects range from revamping existing websites; to creating new online stores for retailers; up to bespoke, fully-customized, content-managed solutions (CMS) for businesses.

We implement websites using the PHP scripting language and MySQL database software. To the layperson this just means that their Web pages can have dynamic content - such as providing a shop-owner with a simple means to update the items in their online store; or presenting a visitor with a filtered and sorted list of items that match a search they entered on the shop-owner's online store.

The Net Retail Logo

Our logo is based on the iconic Sir John Barrow Monument that stands guard over the South Cumbrian market town of Ulverston. Net Retail Web DesignIt was built in 1850 on the 433 ft summit of Hoad Hill as a memorial to the English statesman Sir John Barrow.

Although officially named "The Sir John Barrow Monument" it is more commonly known as "The Hoad Monument"; although locally it is also know by various nicknames such as "The Ulverston Pepper Pot", "The Guardian Angel of Ulverston" and "The Lighthouse without a Light"!

The 100 ft high monument overlooks Ulverston and commands superb views over Morecambe Bay and of the Lake District and North Pennine fells.

We could say that we used the monument as our logo because it is: a beacon drawing people in from near and far; a strong icon giving our business an instantly recognizable brand; or a guiding light steering our clients through the treacherous waters of the Web. But in truth we used it because we just think it looks great!

Incidentally, the monument is a Grade 2 * listed building.
In 2003 The Friends of the Monument Group was formed and the Heritage Lottery Restoration programme was put in place to return the monument to its original splendour. The Friends of the Monument, in conjunction with the Ulverston Town Council Monument Working Group are tasked with raising £220,000 as their required matched funding contribution towards securing the Phase 2 Heritage Lottery grant.
If you can then please contribute to the monument restoration fund. Thank you.